Le salon de la rose

From 2014-03-12 To 2014-03-14

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1000 Boulevard René-Lévesque Est, Québec, QC G1R 2B5

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French culture experienced a revival of intellectual interest in Roman Catholic religion during the fin de siècle period. While some intellectuals became anti-religious, others explored cultic religious practises and organized themselves into groups along the lines of Roman Catholic sects, with beliefs and practises outside the mainstream of orthodox Catholicism. One such following was established byJosephin Péladan, who was fascinated with Medieval Rosicrucian secret society. Péladin called his movement the Mystic Order of the Rose + Croix, and named himself High Priest, or Sâr, of the Order. Péladan's Order has also been described as an occult movement.



The Salon de la Rose + Croix was vital in promoting works of the Symbolist movement, although many important non-Symbolist works were also presented. Among the most influential works included at the Salon were the "Gothic fantasies" of painter Arnold Böcklin, the music of Erik Satie, painters Fernand KhnopffFerdinand HodlerJan TooropGaetano PreviatiJean DelvilleCarlos Schwabe, andCharles Filiger. Not all Symbolist artists were enthusiastic about Péladan's Order and his Salon. Gustave Moreau and Odilon Redonrejected Péladan's doctrines and preferred a different, progressive approach.[3]